About The Silvered Griffin:

I’ve always felt that chainmaille jewelry is too beautiful to wear only at renaissance festivals. I believe chainmaille jewelry, in fact all jewelry, should be a work of art that you’re proud to wear every day!

At The Silvered Griffin you’ll find hand-crafted chainmaille jewelry and accessories made with love, care, and a passion for the art of weaving.

About Lindsey Marie:

A New England girl at heart, I currently live in Maryland with my husband and our two cats. I love gaming, writing, and imagining. I’ve been weaving metal together with pliers for almost a decade. I use a variety of materials in my jewelry, including:

  • anodized aluminum
  • copper
  • EPDM rubber (latex-free)
  • glass rings and beads
  • scales
  • jewelers brass
  • sterling silver